OSAKA 2019




Design Concept: This is an experimental accommodation created by the combination of Japanese traditional culture and modern technology. Inspired from a simple daily expression of “Would you like a cup of tea?”, the name of the hotel was extracted from the pronunciation. Although the hotel rooms have the similar size to the traditional Japanese tearoom, they are yet small but complete. The hotel rooms have high efficiency in usage, with great functionality. They are diligently designed to be user friendly spaces by our team.On top of the design, we created the space for guests to give an insight into traditional Japanese culture. No matter if you are oversea or domestic travellers, you are always welcomed to take a rest and have a tea together at our lounge with new friends.


Business Plan: We managed the whole process of development; from the land acquisition, building design and construction, to operation of a newly branded hotel.


Project Information:

Address: 大阪市浪速区東日本橋1

Estimated Construction Commencement: 2018.06

Estimated Completion: 2019.05

Usage: Hotel

Number of Rooms: 28 (25 x 14㎡ & 3 x 25㎡)

Land Area: 156㎡

Urban Planning Zone: Commercial Zone

Plot Ratio: 400%

Operator: Soowood Pty Ltd

Builder: ディグ建築工房

Architect: 高濱健嗣建築設計事務所

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