Life is so “wood”

About us

One of the most significant feature of oriental architecture is using timber as the main building material. This is not simply because of the wealth of raw timber materials.

By choosing a material that decays over time, it implies that buildings also have life span just like human life. The decay of building as if to express its sense of mission to accompany the people living in the building.

In comparison, the Western architecture is known as the “stone buildings”. The western culture pursues permanency and commemoration, following the cultural value the building material must be consistent and irreplaceable. Referring to these western cultural value, stone has been the most dominant building material.

Being contrast to the “Wooden Architecture”, which its expression and ritualistic architecture remains even after renewal of building material.

We are not incorrigibly obstinate on traditional culture, instead we are trying to learn the most important part of it and transform into modern architecture language, transmitting to the next generation.

In the modern society with rapid growth, although the development of technology brings more convenience, we seem to be losing sight of the real wonderful life.

Whenever this feeling occurs, sitting under a veranda with the scent of natural tea might restore calmness and  peace…

As with the “Wooden Architecture”, one of the eastern architectural significance is the connection with nature. It’s constantly changing, but also live in the moment. This symbolizes part of the Japanese aesthetic value.

“Wooden Architecture” does not only represent the tree but symbolizes life.

And life is not only about living, but art.

For bringing more variety and joy to life, we learn from and inspired by the traditional culture, hoping to create the moment for people to realize the beauty of art.

Our Projects

1      Property Development

2      Property Investment Consultancy

3      Construction Management Consultancy

4      Food premises planning, management and operation

5      Hotel/hostel planning, management and operation

6      Import, plan and trading of building material, furniture and daily supplies

7      Event  planning, promoting and operating